What Is Springwater Technology?

About Springwater Technology

Is a revolutionary invention to protect against limescale. Impurities and limescale are greatly reduced and water quality demonstrably improved. it utilises the insights of Max Planck, who investigated the measurement, reproduction and embedding of natural frequencies in solids and their positive effects.

Springwater Technology changes liquids and gases in a unique way by realigning their molecular structure and so restoring the optimal condition. It works in harmony with the laws of vibrational energy, is 100% environmentally-friendly, involves no addition of chemicals or foreign elements, and produces no waste products. The turbines are used everywhere in industry, business, the catering industry and domestic applications where water flows through piping and systems, and high-quality water is required. It reduces deposits and limescale to a very high degree. This increases the service life of piping and systems, and reduces energy consumption.

Why Limescale is affecting your pipes

Limescale is also a problem in the average normal household. Limescale reduces the efficiency of washing machines, dishwashers and kettles and makes them wear out more quickly. The lower the mineral content in the water is, the less salts have to be used – which preserves the environment and saves costs.

Limescale substantially reduces the service life of water pipes and can result in inadequate flows. Even mild limescale deposits increase the energy requirements and reduce the service life of a piping system.

How Limescale is affecting your Swimming Baths, Natural Pools and Spas

The most important component in keeping the water clean and hygienic in these areas is the pump. The pump is responsible for circulating and therefore filtering the water. If the piping and the pump are free of limescale, the use of chemicals is reduced by up to 25% – which saves costs, is beneficial for health and preserves the environment.