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Domestic Appliances

Limescale is also a problem in the average normal household. Limescale reduces the efficiency of washing machines, dishwashers and kettles and makes them wear out more quickly. The lower the mineral content in the water is, the less salts have to be used – which preserves the environment and saves costs.

Water Pipes

Limescale substantially reduces the service life of water pipes and can result in inadequate flows. Even mild limescale deposits increase the energy requirements and reduce the service life of a piping system.

Cooling Systems

Limescale acts as a layer of insulation in cooling systems, reducing the cooling effect and resulting in higher electricity consumption.

Steam Generators

Heating and evaporating water increases limescale formation. Carbonic acid, which dissolves limescale, escapes during the heating process, leaving limescale behind.


Limescale deposits on the heating elements and in a boiler reduces the heat output and increases energy requirements. Limescale layers that flake off heating elements stay on the boiler floor, so reducing the boiler volume..

Heat Exchangers

Limescale deposition in heat exchangers increased heating costs due to the increased energy requirements.

Swimming Baths, Natural Pools and Spas

The most important component in keeping the water clean and hygienic in these areas is the pump. The pump is responsible for circulating and therefore filtering the water. If the piping and the pump are free of limescale, the use of chemicals is reduced by up to 25% – which saves costs, is beneficial for health and preserves the environment.


Softens water increasing growth rate of plants and grass helping to maximise profits in agriculture. Reduces maintenance of pipes and sprinklers.

Sports Grounds

Improves quality of grass for golf courses and sporting fields grass will grow faster and thicker. Stops sprinklers from clogging and keeps pipes clean and water flow high.

Car Wash

Reduces chemical requirements and improves the quality of the wash, with less maintenance required due to lower lime scale build up and softer water.

High-quality water in all areas of life and the economy

The above examples demonstrate the value-retaining, cost-reducing and healthy effect of SPRINGWATER TECHNOLOGY.

The opportunities for integrating SPRINGWATER TECHNOLOGY in water-carrying parts or systems are virtually limitless. SPRINGWATER TECHNOLOGY is already successfully used in office buildings, flats, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, swimming baths, hotels and catering industries, the food industry and agriculture.

We would be pleased to explain in a personal meeting what its benefits are for your particular application.

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